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Thinking of moving? Desiring a change of scenery, or a home with opportunity on your door step? Let Joe Fallea tell you about Windsor, Ontario – the southern Ontario destination.
In Windsor’s prime, it was heralded as the nation’s automotive capital. Thanks to Windsor’s close relationship both economically and geographically with Detroit, Michigan, both cities benefited from the inventive minds during the rise of the automobile. As a result, Windsor has become a landmark for technological innovation; a tradition it has carried since the break of the 20th century.
Home to approximately 220,000 (per 2017), Windsor is small enough to feel like home, yet large enough to be practical for business and pleasure. The city is home to many modern malls, shopping plaza’s, and organizations. Furthermore, it has become a cultural hub for people of all walks of life seeking to benefit from the highly regarded college and university, or to benefit from a new life in Canada with a close proximity to the USA – resulting in one of Canada’s most culturally diverse regions. Only in Windsor will you be able to find so much in such a small region.
Windsor is one of the oldest settlements of the historic Upper Canada. Settled in 1749, Windsor is one of the few towns of old that have been continually populated. The variety of cultural influences combined with Windsor’s nearly 270 years of township has resulted in a city robust with rich cultural neighborhoods and outstanding community relationships. Here you can find areas rich in British-European influence such as the manors in Old Walkerville. Or fine Italian cuisine in the self-proclaimed Little Italy on Erie Ave. Among these two are many other just waiting for you to explore.

It gets better.

Not only does the city host a vibrant and eclectic community, but Windsor also happens to have some of the most affordable housing among larger cities in all of Canada!

Imagine a city where you can have breakfast in Great Britain, lunch in Japan, and dinner in Italy. A city where parks and nature walks are of utmost importance. Welcome to Windsor.
Each day offers something new to do in Windsor. Whether you are in the mood for fine dining, a quick meal, a walk in the park, or even wanting to enjoy fine art. Windsor has it all and it is always creating new ways for families and friends to enjoy their time. Within the last few years Windsor has added a full scale indoor water park, a brand-new arena, and has been tirelessly working on new and inventive ways to bring the city to its full potential.
Take a stroll through the sculpture garden located along Windsor’s vast riverfront park. Enjoy the view of the Detroit skyline just across the river. Catch 2017 Memorial Cup winners and Windsor’s very own Spitfires playing at their new home arena, the WFCU Center. Listen to one of the country’s greatest symphonies, The Windsor Orchestra. Test your luck the Caesars Windsor Casino. Or participate in one of the many festivals, events, and parades held year-round such as the Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF), the Fork and Cork Music Festival, the Holiday Parade in December, the Bluesfest and many many more.

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If you’re looking to take a day trip out of the city, the surrounding Windsor region is full of exciting and unique outing experiences. Thanks to having one of the most fertile lands in the world, the Windsor-Essex region is home to many wineries, farms, orchards, and plant nurseries. For those who enjoy getting out in nature, there are many provincial parks just a short drive away such as Point Pelee, Wheatley Provincial, and Rondeau Provincial.

Windsor and Detroit share a unique geographical relationship that have made them a hub for international commerce between the US and Canada. Residents on both sides share in the benefits of the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel that serve as convenient and efficient international ports of entry. Whether for work or leisure, residents cross by the hundreds each and every day to enjoy the amenities the cities have to provide.

Detroit is home to a number of its own festivals, parades, shopping centers and much more, and best of all it’s only 10 minutes away. You can make your way over by car, transit, and with the recent approval of a twin span bridge, bike and even your own two feet!